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Our webshop provides worldwide shipping by DHL International Ltd.
The shipping fee for the first single item (CD or DVD) is 9€ and for each additional item is 2€, in case of the special pack (CD+DVD) the shipping of the first item costs 13€ and for each additional item is 2€.

How you can order your stuff

First of all, You have to choose from the available items of the webshop. You can do it in two different ways:
  1. If you click on the small tabs on the upper side of the page, it will scroll down exactly to the selected item.
  2. or you can scroll down manually and search trough the list.

If you have selected the desired item and you have chosen to download or to order it, the item will appear in/on your shopping cart.

Once you have finished selecting from the list you press on the proceed to checkout button.

You will be redirected to an order page, where you have to fill out forms eg. your name, address and destination. You have to choose the method of paying: VISA, MasterCard and the PAYPAL System is available.

When you have placed your order on? the webshop and your order appears in our system, you will be sent a confirmation e-mail.

The shipping time depends on destination, in Europe we guarantee 10 working days/weekdays from confirmation to all other countries the shipping time is 15 working days.